Amass Los Angeles Dry Gin

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Like most cities in America, Los Angeles has been experiencing a downtown renewal, with old buildings being turned into lofts, trendy restaurants and new watering holes sprouting up weekly, and craft businesses, including distilling and brewmaking, giving proof of life from the roots up.  Such is the case of Amass gin, made at The Spirit Guild Distillery in the Arts District of LA.  (Did you even know there was an Arts District in downtown LA?)  Distiller Morgan McLachlan has created a terrific new 90 proof gin which has been well received in leading restaurants all over LA County.  Using 29 botanicals, several of which are indigenous to California, Amass gin offers terrific florals in its perfume.  Yes, juniper is there, but it is integrated, with notes of orange and bay leaf included.  The round texture is luxurious, and the flavor suggests a hint of anise.  Only about 1,600 cases are made currently, but the production is expected to go up.