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Domaine Chandon NV Sparkling Etoile Tete de Cuvee

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Location: Domaine-Chandon-Etoile-Tete-de-Cuvee-R3.6B


Domaine Chandon, the leading sparkling wine producer in the Napa Valley, is proud to introduce the new shining star of its portfolio with the first release of Ì¥__Ì¥__Ì¥_?Ì¥___Ì¥__?Ì¥_???toileÌ¥__åå_ÌÔ_Ì¥___TÌ¥_Ì¥_ÌÇ_Ì¥_ÌÇå©te de CuvÌ¥_???eÌ¥__Ì¥__Ì¥_?Ì¥_Ì¥_̴̥?. In the Champagne house tradition, Chandon now offers aÌ¥__åå_ÌÔ_Ì¥___TÌ¥_Ì¥_ÌÇ_Ì¥_ÌÇå©te de CuvÌ¥_???eÌ¥__åå_ÌÔ_Ì¥___to represent the best of its wines - literally the Ì¥__Ì¥__Ì¥_?Ì¥___Ì¥__?head blendÌ¥__Ì¥__Ì¥_?Ì¥_Ì¥_̴̥?.

To craft this ultimate expression of California sparkling wine, ChandonÌ¥__Ì¥__Ì¥_?Ì¥_Ì¥_̴̥̥_åås winemakers blended the best grapes from the 2000 harvest and allowed the wine to age gracefully for eight years on the lees. Like many vintage sparkling wines, this prestige cuvÌ¥_???e was blended to evolve over time; it started out very tight and austere but through extended sur lees aging it developed rich flavors, layers of complexity and a luxuriously creamy mouthfeel.Ì¥__åå_ÌÔ_Ì¥___Ì¥_???toile TÌ¥_Ì¥_ÌÇ_Ì¥_ÌÇå©te de CuvÌ¥_???eÌ¥__åå_ÌÔ_Ì¥___is ready to enjoy now, but will continue to develop for years to come when suitably cellared.