Domaine Louis Cheze 2012 Pagus Luminis Condrieu

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The Domaine Chèze is a family estate managed by Louis Chèze since 1978. It is located on top of a hill in the Limony County, 40 miles south of Lyon, in the middle of the Northern Côtes du Rhône region.

Mr Chèze started the venture with 1 ha of Saint Joseph and some grapevines in lease. Today, the entire domain is 30 ha and includes some highly esteemed appellations such as Condrieu, Saint Joseph and Vin de Pays. Mr Chèze’s resolve, curiosity and meticulousness are applied regarding the vineyard monitoring and the winemaking process. Every vintage is a new challenge, with the purpose of producing the embodiment of each terroir and their delightful specificities.

The vineyard is run according to the viticulture raisonnée (sustainable winegrowing), where the main concern is the respect of the grape vine. At the Chèze domain, each vineyard is handled according to the specificities of each parcel. If the slope allows for it, grapevine trellising is used; and if not, grapevine stakes are used on the slopes.