Gran Centenario Leyenda Extra Anejo Tequila

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A rare and special Extra Añejo tequila of unparalleled flavor and character. Lazaro Gallardo, the founder of Gran Centenario, first created this blend as a special tequila for his most distinguished guests and closest family members. Today, Leyenda carries this tradition, using the original 150+ year-old recipe, transcending generations, to celebrate the people, places, and moments that bring us together. Leyenda offers aromatic notes of apple, pear, quince, and raisins. The complex flavor contains subtle and sweet tones of wood with hints of maple, eucalyptus, clove, and thyme.

Gran Centenario Leyenda Extra Anejo Tequila 750ml (New Bottle) is harvested from the Los Altos region, slow-roasted for 72 hours, then pressed. After fermentation and distillation, it is aged for 4 years in new French Limousin oak barrels and expertly blended with some of the brand's tequila reserves.