Imperial Collection Gold Vodka 750ml

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"Czar's Gold, like its historic predecessor, is made with Zhivaya voda, or 'living water', renowned to have healing powers, and a key ingredient in Peter's preferred recipe. The source of the living water was Lake Ladoga located 50 miles east of St. Petersburg. It was formed at the end of the last ice age when the ice melted and water flooded the wooded area where the lake is located. For millions of years since then, the waters of Lake Ladoga have been naturally purified by layers of wood and charcoal resulting from the millions of trees resting at the bottom. Today, as in the time of Peter the Great, the makers of Czar's Gold use only the water from the Ladoga in their formulating, but apply modern technology to further improve its characteristics. The water is filtered through quartz sand, birch tree charcoal and then further purified with ultra-violet light. Only the finest grain from Central Russia is selected to produce the quality spirit used in Czar's Gold. To finish, the taste is fine-tuned by a final filtration of the vodka through membranes of pure golden thread. During this process Czar's Gold is enriched with ions of gold which results in a unique smoothness. Czar's Gold Vodka was launched anew in Russia in May of 2003 to commemorate the 300th anniversary of the founding of St. Petersburg by Peter the Great. Now, for the first time, Czar's Gold is available in the United States." -Producer