Jolies Filles Prestige 2019 Rose Cote de Provence

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The rosé that will have you making eyes this summer, and what's more - it's ORGANIC! Les Jolies Filles Organic is the story of a modern, self-assured rosé that accepts what it is head-on: a trendy rosé! Fresh and elegant with its intoxicating fragrances of citrus and red fruits, this thirst-quenching wine offers a soft appearance in the manner of rose petals. A seductive bottle for men and a must-have for women, this rosé will unite everyone on an essential point: the pleasure of drinking it!

A glittering, pale pink colour. The nose is floral and fruity. A pleasant balance between the freshness of white flowers and the sweetness of a punnet of berries. On the palate, this is a soft, silky rosé, with a pleasant hint of acidity on the finish. Best consumed chilled, between 8° and 10°C. Jolies Filles Prestige would make a perfect accompaniment to roast monkfish, or a lobster and mango salad. These unusual flavours will give your aperitifs and lunches a delightful Provençal character Ideal for that special moment as you watch the sun go down.