Loscano The Winemaker 2018 Mendoza Malbec

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Loscano wines are produced with a belief in the exceptional climactic and environmental characteristics with which we are blessed in Argentina. We’re passionately committed to crafting the most authentic wine possible. By minimally interfering in the process we let the wine speak for itself and Argentina. The algarroba tree is native to our arid climate. Its roots run deep to find nourishment from underground streams. We leave them standing in our vineyards and their leaves offer shade in the midst of our toil. We take shelter from the sun under their spreading branches as we tend to the grapes and prune the vines. Loscano represents resilience and strength fixed in the passion we have for family and our homeland.

Tasting Notes 

A striking, slightly smoky wine with deep burgundy hue, Private Reserve Malbec’s fruity bouquet delights the senses and warms the palate with notes of blackberries, blueberries & lavender, lingers with a gentle tannin pull, & finishes with flavors of toasted hazelnuts.