No. 209 Gin

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Distiller Notes

Vastly different from the juniper-heavy gins of the past, No. 209 opens with a beautifully aromatic nose of predominately citrus and floral notes with a hint of spiciness. First across the palate are the citrus high notes, with lemon followed by a hint of orange. As the spirit warms in the mouth, delicate floral notes are liberated from the bergamot and coriander. Mid-palate, there is a pepper-like warmth from the emerging cardamom and juniper. As the cardamom continues to bloom across the palate mint-like components further emerge. The cassia and other warm spice notes become prominent on the finish. The cassia in particular lingers, encouraging another sip.

Proof: 92

Critical Acclaim

TP95 Tasting Panel

Following breathtaking aromas of tangerine, lilac, and vanilla toffee, the palate is sweetened by candied blue-floral notes as juniper gets kissed by spearmint for a refreshing wash on the palate. This flavor profile is highly original.

WE91 Wine Enthusiast

Scented with juniper and lemon peel, this light, silky gin is distinctly citrusy and crisp, suggesting lemon and grapefruit peels. It finishes lightly sweet, enlivened by white pepper and candied ginger sparks.