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  • Please understand that once you place an order, you agreed to abide by all our terms.
  • We ship on your behalf. Hence we are not responsible for any delay related with shipping and delivery.
  • If you were to refuse a package or if you were not able to accept the delivery, you are still liable for for the cost of your purchase.
  • If your order is returned to us for any reason, you will be charged a flat fee of $120 for shipping fees and returns fees plus a 35% restocking fee.
  • We strongly recommend that you ship overnight or 2 days to avoid any problem with transport. We usually do not ship wines if the weather is too hot or too cold as this could spoil your bottles.
  • You must be 21 years of age to order or receive alcoholic beverages. Someone does need to be present for alcohol delivery.
  • Our shipping prices include packaging materials, transport, and $100 insurance.
  • We usually process your order and ship it within 48 hours.
  • We ship in all the US states were permitted. We usually do not ship to Utah.
  • In general all orders are shipped on you (the purchaser) behalf.
  • We transfer title and ownership of all your order to you as soon as your order is paid hence you are taking possession of your order in the State of California at our physical location. 
  • DOB is not liable for any damages to goods caused for any reason such as but not limited to weather conditions, transport, mishandling, and other "Acts of God" during transportation. Because weather conditions can change drastically at any time, we also assume no liability for damage caused by changes in weather during transportation. "Acts of God" include catastrophes such as, but not limited to: plane crashes, unforeseeable delays or accidents, destruction due to domestic and international unrest (i.e. riots, war, public enemies) confiscation, quarantine or natural disaster.
  • If any damage occurred during transport, it is your responsibility. We will assist you with the claim process but you understand and agree that DOB has no say in the insurance conclusion and how much the insurance will settle for.
  • We ship as a service for you hence we ship on your behalf, to the address specified. By utilizing our shipping services, you represents that you are acting in a fashion compliant with your local and state laws regarding the purchase, transportation, and delivery of wine, beer or spirits.
  • By placing an order with us, you authorize DOB to act on your behalf to engage a common carrier to deliver the buyer’s order. You represent that you have obtained all required permissions, paid all required fees, worked through properly licensed intermediaries, and that you are legally entitled to take possession of wine, beer or spirits, and quantities ordered, and you certify you are 21 years of age. DOB makes no representation to the legal rights of anyone to ship or import alcoholic beverages into any state outside of California.
  • If you live in a state where the direct shipment of wine by DOB violates the law, we suggest that you provide an alternative address in another state or have your wine shipped to a third-party storage facility in a direct shipping-friendly state.
  • By purchasing from this website, you are entering into a sales contract with DOB wines Inc. , a California Corporation, and you agree to abide by and be subject to all the terms of this contract detailed hereunder and in the shipping policy section.
  • By purchasing from this website, you understand and agree that you are entering into an agreement with a company based out of Los Angeles in Southern California and that such agreement is similar to an agreement where you would purchase goods from the physical location based out of Los Angeles California. So by purchasing anything from this website, you hereby agree that this Agreement, and all transactions you contemplate hereby, shall be governed by, construed and enforced in accordance with solely the laws of the State of California and solely in Los Angeles County Courts. In the event that litigation results from or arises out of this Agreement or the performance thereof, the parties agree to reimburse the prevailing party's reasonable attorney's fees, court costs, and all other expenses, whether or not taxable by the court as costs, in addition to any other relief to which the prevailing party may be entitled.
  • You (the purchaser) acknowledge that (i) you have read this Agreement in its entirety and understands all of its terms and conditions, (ii) you have had the opportunity to consult with any individuals of his choice regarding this agreement and the provisions contained herein, including legal counsel of its or his choice, and any decision not to was his alone, and (iii) you are entering into this Agreement of its or his own free will, without coercion from any source.
  • In general, all orders are final and we do not offer any refund.
  • Once the order left the store, you (the purchaser) is responsible for anything that may happen to the order whatever is the reason hence why we request that you chose to pay for insurance on the order. On order more than $100, you need to specify that you request the order to be shipped with full insurance or your order will be shipped with the maximum insurance included of $100.
  • As long as the order has not been shipped we gladly accept order cancellation made within 1 day of the sales order date except for special orders.
  • We accept returns for current releases only if the wine is corked and for exchange only.
  • When we receive your return, we will exchange the corked bottle(s) if the bottle(s) is 80% full at minimum and we assessed the bottle is corked. We will ship the exchange bottles free of charge.
  • To our sole decision, we may accept a return for other reasons. In such case, we will charge shipping fees for the return of the order and an additional 35% restocking fee assessed on the sales order value of the returned items.
  • Any shipments refused by the recipient, or returned to us by the carrier as undeliverable, will not be refunded in any case. We will ship the order again after you (the purchaser) pays for the return shipping fees and the new shipping fees. We will hold the returned order and charge storage fees if after 7 days you (the purchaser) did not communicate when to ship back and where. The storage fee is $10/month/bottle.
  • All items as sold as is and as presented on the picture. 

We do not accept returns for any of the following reasons:

  • You (the purchaser) placed a special order. A special order is defined as ordering wine and/or any products not available at the store such as but not limited to wine and/or any products futures, wine and/or any products that have to be ordered specifically for you (the purchaser), pre-arrival, and/or wine and/or any products pending arrival to our facility. 
  • Any order of products of a previous release for example if the release of the current winery is 2017 and you purchase a wine and/or any products vintage of 2016.
  • You are buying previous releases at your own risk and accept such risk in the case the products is not good, the wine is corked or whatever the reason is.
  • Wine and/or any products that have been adversely affected due to improper storage or treatment while in the you (the purchaser)'s care.
  • Wine and/or any products was shipped and client was not available to receive the order and/or there has been any problem with the shipping company and the order was not delivered.
  • Opened bottles unless the wine and/or any products is from a current release and corked. We only offer a return on these as long as the bottle is open and at least 80% full.
  • Wine and/or any products prices can fluctuate greatly from day to day, therefore we do not accept returns based on price changes within the marketplace.
  • We make every effort to ensure the quality and condition of older vintages. However as is tradition in alcohol retail, any wine and/or any products older than the current release are sold AS IS at your own risk. We do not accept returns of "corked" or "off" wines except for current release as detailed here above, nor will we accept returns of these wine and/or any products because they are past their optimal drinking window.*
  • Pre-arrivals or futures delayed beyond our delivery estimates. (See below.)
  • Special orders for wine and/or any products sourced specifically at your request and not part of our regular inventory.
  • Orders shipped outside the United States.

*We stand behind the authenticity of the wine and/or any products we sell unconditionally. Any bottle shown to be fake will be refunded 100%.


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