Sell Us Your Wine & Spirits

We purchase properly stored wines and spirits from private cellars.


1. Provide us with your inventory, excel spreadsheet is preferred with the following information:

  • Vintage, age statement, or date of bottling
  • Bottle size (e.g. 750ml, 1.5L)
  • Name of the winery or producer
  • Label or wine name
  • Any additional designation, such as a specific vineyard or release (e.g. "Reserve" or a particular cuvée)
  • Quantity (number of bottles)
  • Photos

 2. Once it arrives at our facility

  • We appraise it.
  • We inspect the product if you are present in-store, if not, you may ship it to us and we will inspect it when it reaches our facility.
  • We will you make an offer if we decide to purchase if not we can ship it back you if you are not present.


3. If we reach a mutual agreement, we will mail payment to you within 5-7 business day or issue payment in person.


For more information please contact our Customer Service Department

By Phone: (818) 341-1234

By Email: