Sell Your Wine

We purchase properly stored wines from private cellars or we accept wine on consignment depending on your preference.


  • You provide us with your inventory, excel spreadsheet is preferred with the following information:

    • Vintage
    • Size (e.g. 750, 1.5L)
    • Name of the winery or producer
    • Label or wine name
    • Any additional designation, such as a specific vineyard or release (e.g. "Reserve" or a particular cuvée)
    • Quantity (number of bottles)
    • Rating (if you know it)

  • We appraise it.
  • We make a cash offer in case of purchase or in the case of consignment we send you an estimate of the value you may get.
  • We inspect the wine if you are in town, if not, you ship the wine to us and we inspect it when it reaches our facility.
  • Within 10 business days of inspection, we mail payment to you in case of a cash offer. In the case of consignment, at the end of every month until your inventory is sold, we compute the wine sold and send you payment within 10 days of this computation for your share.

Our appraisals are fair and competitive! We take into accounts your personal objectives including but not limited to how fast you would like to part with your inventory..

Contact our Customer Service Department

By Phone:

  • (818) 341-1234

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