The Macallan Exceptional Single Cask 2020 ESH-13921/03

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The Macallan Exceptional series isn’t just another chapter in a good book you’ve been reading or a sequel to an epic movie you absolutely must watch – it’s an experience of sheer excellence symbolizing the mastery of whisky distilling captured and epitomized in every bottle The Macallan has to offer. Each cask is distinctive, unique, and characteristic in its own way, making the enjoyment of every selection available the chance of a lifetime. Cask 2020/ESH-13921/03 Gold was distilled in 1995, bottled in July 2020, and is limited to just 243 bottles. Finished in European Oak-Sherry Hogshead casks, this whiskey provides eloquence unmatched, with subtle tones of aged oak and classic layers of sweet vs fresh citrus with a brilliantly smooth vibe.