Wikeeps Essential Wine Preservation System 1 Bottle Kit

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Keep your wine for 20 days and get the same quality as the first day. This system compared to other system on the market is easy to use, no dangerous needles that break..., the wine is still kept well even when the bottle is half full or less, one capsule is enough for 3 to 4 bottles. It is currently the best way to preserve wine for three weeks after you open your favorite vintage bottle.

For Personal Use Wine by the Glass Service at Private Clubs Restaurants Bars and Hotels. Also makes a perfect gift for wine enthusiasts. This Set is intended for non-sparkling wines its 'central Dome' does not fit sparkling wine bottles. For your security use only Wikeeps cartridges with this system. 

The box contains

1 pistol nozzle
1 Elite central dome for still wines
1 serving spout
1 filter
1 Magnum extension with filter
3 covers for Elite dome
3 covers for spout
1 cleaning brush
1 eight languages user guide.